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Glass capillary Viscometers

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Poulten Selfe & Lee Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of calibrated precision glass capillary kinematic viscometers for both manual and automated use. These instruments are used in laboratories across the world and enjoy a high reputation for quality of workmanship and accuracy of calibration.

PSL viscometers are constructed from low-expansion borosilicate glass and the precision bore tubing used for the capillary section is held to a close tolerance of ±0.01mm.

Calibration is carried out in the PSL Calibration Laboratory which has shown that it meets the requirements of ISO 17025, by independent UKAS accreditation.
The PSL Calibration Laboratory maintains its own primary viscosity scale, based upon the internationally agreed value of distilled water at 20°C of 1.0034mm²/s. Each calibration performed is one step away from this primary scale, producing very low uncertainties of measurement.

Within this catalogue are details about the following viscometers…

ASTM Ubbelohde Viscometer

More ..
Manual Ubbelohde Viscometers, for transparent liquids, 18ml sample required

BS/U Tube Viscometer

More ..

Suspended Level Viscometer - BS/IP/SL

More ..
for transparent liquids

Suspended Level Shortened Form - BS/IP/SL (S)

More ..
for transparent liquids

U-Tube Reverse Flow Viscometer - BS/IP/RF

More ..
for opaque liquids

Cannon Fenske Opaque (Reverse Flow) Viscometer

More ..
for opaque liquids

Zeitfuchs Cross Arm Viscometer

More ..
for opaque liquids

Cannon Fenske Routine Viscometer

More ..
for transparent liquids

Miniature U Tube BS/U/M

More ..
for transparent liquids

Glass Capillary Viscometers

More ..

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