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Automatic Polymer Viscometer

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Solution viscosity of polymers in compliance with ASTM D 2857, ASTM D 871, ISO 1628, ASTM D 1243, ASTM D 789, ISO 307 & ASTM D 4603.

The RHEOTEK Polymer Viscometer RPV-1 provides a proven and precise method for determining:

  • Inherent & intrinsic viscosity of polyethylene terephthalate, (PET), 
  • Relative viscosity or viscosity number of polyamides, (PA), 
  • K-value of poly vinyl chloride, (PVC).

The system is also suitable for fully automating viscosity measurements of most other types of polymer solutions dissolved in acids, organic solvents or aqueous solution.

In this very operator sensitive test, automation, using the RHEOTEK RPV-1 reduces the variability of results.

Several optional modules, including heater/stirrer (SD-1), autosampler (RSS) and sample preparation (SP-1) can provide a fully automated package for polymer viscosity analysis.

Over the last decade the RHEOTEK RPV-1 Polymer Viscometer has become the standard instrument for solution viscosity. Major resin manufacturers across the USA, Europe, South America & China have chosen the RHEOTEK technology and are enjoying high quality results from their reliable instruments.

Full compliance with Test Methods

All RHEOTEK RPV-1 Polymer Viscometer systems (including Standard, RSS and Auto) are designed for full compliance with internationally recognised standard test methods. This allows for measurement results to form part of legally binding product specifications. The standard price for an instrument includes software coded with the customer's method of choice.

The most common standard test methods include:
ASTM D 2857, ASTM D 871, ISO 1628, ASTM D 1243, ASTM D 789, ISO 307 & ASTM D 4603. Other methods available on request.

RHEOTEK RPV-1 Polymer Viscometer

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